Health of the Injured Worker is important to the success of any company, making injured workers important to EK Health. When an Injured Worker requires hospitalization, it is vital to remember the steps that follow. Discharge planning is often a weak link within hospital systems. Hospitals profit when people are occupying beds; therefore planning for care once an Injured Worker leaves is not a priority. However, EK Health makes it a priority to help the Injured Worker prepare for their discharge, but also to ensure that appropriate care and treatment is received once they released from the hospital.

EK Health has developed a discharge planning program to serve our mission - to transform managed care with everyone in mind - and better meet our client's needs. Our approach to discharge planning starts with the Injured Worker at the initial point of hospitalization and works with them, the doctor/nurses, family/caregiver, and claims staff until the move from hospital to home or facility is made and appropriate care is planned and in place.  Effective discharge planning and follow-up can prevent the re-admission of Injured Workers to the hospital, increase health condition and decrease health care costs.

With the inclusion of discharge planning to the services that EK Health provides to our clients. Each customer will benefit from a strategic managed care model with defined points of clinical involvement that best facilitates appropriate and effective care for the Injured Worker. EK Health believes the addition of the discharge planning program will greater define the foundation of a complete managed care program.