Life Care Planning

A Life Care Plan from EK Health assesses the long-term needs of medical care and related costs following catastrophic illness or injuries of each patient. EK Health takes a thorough and holistic approach when developing a concise and organized program to suit the current and future needs of each patient, while providing appropriate guidance to ensure future medical care has been correctly projected.

The comprehensive Life Care Planning Report starts with research; reviewing a patient's history and determining his or her current medical status and functional capabilities. The report then goes on to address the cost of goods, replacement schedules, and necessary ongoing medical services over the duration of the patient's life expectancy. Quality of life issues and maintenance of physical, emotional, and psychological health are also addressed. Identifying and analyzing current and possible future medical issues for each client is crucial for an effective Life Care Plan.

Lifetime projections for in-home care, transportation, and home modifications are also detailed under the plan. To aid in ongoing plan administration, a list of facilities, suppliers, healthcare providers, and vendors used in factoring medical schedules and costs are included.

By combining our clinical expertise with our knowledge of the claims management process we are able to ensure our Life Care Plans are tailored specifically to each claim. We do not use a cookie-cutter approach and see that each claim involves an individual who requires the provision for ongoing medical care and treatment. Our goal is to always provide the most comprehensive assessment of an individuals needs while also ensuring our allocations are in-line with Evidence Based Medicine guidelines and appropriate utilization.