Prescription Intervention

The goal of EK Health’s Prescription Intervention program is to ensure that medications prescribed to treat an injured worker are appropriate, as well as necessary, to help restore the injured worker’s health and productivity.

Program Highlights:

  • Quantified success through results of vigilant prescription management
  • Physician peer to peer contact with treating providers
  • Cost containment impact
  • Specialty matching of physicians
  • Reconciliation of pharmacy reports and prescribing patterns
  • Ongoing management of case for 90 days by an EK Health nurse, ensuring compliance with treatment plan


EK Health physicians focus specifically on the medications prescribed within a case. Focusing on medical necessity per evidence based medicine guidelines, and clinical best practices. The physician first completes a thorough analysis of the injured worker’s prescribed medications with review of medical records and a pharmacy history. Based on the analysis, the reviewing physician will provide a detailed report with a clear recommendation for a more effective and/or cost-efficient medication regimen. An EK Health nurse will follow up with treating physicians offices’ and clients to assess compliance with agreements made by the physicians for the next 90 days.

The true value of EK Health’s Prescription Intervention program resides in the numerous benefits that can be realized. Positive outcomes can include improvement in employee health outcomes and productivity, increased probability for return-to-work, as well as a clearer plan for ongoing management of medications.

Furthermore, the Prescription Intervention program can reduce the potential for addiction issues associated with opioids, as well as achieving an overall reduction in medication spend on prescription drugs and decreased indemnity costs.