Medicare Set Aside

EK Health offers an all-inclusive suite of services for Medicare Set Aside Services (MSA). Our MSA services are designed to meet a client’s specific needs and to help ensure cost-effective compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Act, along with timely response to MSP’s ever-changing requirements.

These offerings are a direct result of our proven experience in medical management, enhanced by our focus on evidence-based medical guidelines for treating work-related injuries. Analytics informed medical cost containment empowers our team to proactively identify and address problematic cost drivers. 

 Services Offered Include:
  • Medicare and Social Security Disability Verifications
  • Comprehensive Medicare Set-Aside Assessments
  • Liability Medicare Set-Aside Assessments
  • Submission of Medicare Set-Asides to CMS
  • Negotiated resolution of Counter Higher allocations received from CMS
  • Medical Cost Projection
  • Non-Threshold Medical Allocations
  • Conditional Payment Investigations








"Dear folks, rarely do I write endorsements because I'm an "old school" practitioner and I expect everyone I work with to be doing a competent job without drawing accolades. My first experience with EK Health has been during our current representation of claims in some very challenging cases. I've been very pleased with the responsiveness and knowledge of your company's representative, who is an outstanding resource. After 43 years of handling WC cases, I've endured some really unfortunate delays in resolving high exposure claims while dealing with some of your competitors that have cost a lot of money and, sometimes, a whole settlement! I consider EK Health to be a real and valuable ally and look forward to a prompt and reasonable resolution in a complex matter in which we are currently engaged.”

-Attorney At Law, A California Legal Firm

"Dynamic and innovative are the words that best describe EK Health's MSA services. When dealing with the problems that we face in complying with vague and inconsistent policies and procedures created by CMS, having a partner like EK Health is essential. Most MSA companies use a cookie-cutter/paint by numbers approach, which causes delays in the MSA approval process which can cause the amount of the settlement to increase or sometimes cause an entire settlement to fail."

-Attorney At Law, A California Legal Firm