EK Health Achieves 99.4% Score in Latest UR DWC Audit


EK Health Services was recently selected randomly for a routine Utilization Review audit by the California Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC). The DWC audit brings with it a rigorous process to ensure that insurance companies, self-insured employers, and third-party administrators have met their obligations under the Labor Code and the administrative director's regulations.

EK Health provided nearly 22,000 UR reviews as part of the audit, of which a certain percentage were randomly selected for detailed review. At the conclusion of the audit process, EK Health’s UR team achieved an overall audit score of 99.4%. To date, EK Health and our UR clients have gone through 21 DWC UR audits, and have achieved a cumulative score of 99.1%. In 10 of those instances, EK Health achieved a perfect 100% audit score.

“The ability for our UR team to consistently provide quality reviews within the regulatory confines is a testament to their attention to detail and how much they care about their work.” said Dr. Glenn Crafts, EK Health Assistant Vice President of Utilization Review.

Monica Lichtenstein, EK Health’s Vice President of Operations added “this is an outstanding result and a testament to the leadership of the UR department”.

We are very proud of the quality and attention to detail of our UR team, and their hard work is validated by this strong result. EK Health looks forward to achieving even greater results as we continue to transform managed care.


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