EK Health Case Management Readiness for COVID-19 Claims

May 6, 2020


In these uncertain times, you need a leader who is certain. EK Health has mobilized its clinical resources to help you care for your employees who have contracted COVID-19 at work. Due to the unfamiliar nature of COVID-19, we realize that unique challenges will be encountered during the acute illness and recovery phase of COVID-19.

Our case managers are available to stand beside you to manage the complex and often catastrophic medical needs associated with these claims. Our highly experienced case management staff have been trained on the emerging guidelines relating to COVID-19 management, including utilization review, medical case management and medical bill review. Our tenured clinical leadership team continually reviews updates for daily updates to our staff.
To utilize EK Health case management to provide assistance for your injured employees recovering from COVID-19, email referrals directly to  CMreferrals@ekhealth.com  and request COVID-19, catastrophic or medical management assignments.
We remain at your service during this challenging time. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or primary point-of-contact at EK Health.