EK Health Maintains 100% Audit Score in URAC Reaccreditation


Perfect Scores Demonstrate Commitment to Clinical and Operational Excellence


June 9, 2020


We're excited to announce that effective March 27, 2020, EK Health Services, Inc. has earned URAC reaccreditation in both case management and utilization management, with perfect scores for both programs. The award of full accreditation pursuant to Case Management, Version 5.2 Program, and the award of full accreditation pursuant to Workers' Compensation Utilization Management, Version 7.4 Program, are both effective from July 1, 2020 to July 1, 2023.


Eunhee Kim, EK Health’s CEO, commented: 

“We are honored to have continually earned URAC reaccreditation since our first accreditation in 2005, earning the highest quality of URAC accreditation year after year, as evidence that our policies and workflows exemplify the highest quality standards in the industry. We are thrilled to once again earn a 100% score on both programs.”


Earning a 100% score for both the case management and utilization management audits is a testament to EK Health’s strong leadership and high caliber of employees, as well as EK Health’s commitment to clinical and operational excellence. By demonstrating such a high degree of competency in all areas, EK Health Services reiterates its unwavering qualifications and character as a managed care partner in the workers' compensation industry.