EK Health Services: Meeting Challenges with the Right Care from the Right Provider

July 1, 2016

SAN JOSE, California—Eunhee Kim is a home health nurse who built two companies that are transforming managed care in the workers’ compensation industry.  Now she’s turning up on the pages of Forbes.

“You begin where you are and try to make things better.  If you need more skills, you go out and get them.  Or you find the top people who have the skills and make them part of your team.  That’s how I’ve built two companies,” says Eunhee Kim.

As a nurse, Ms. Kim saw the need to control workers’ compensation healthcare costs while enhancing care, so she set about building a service organization that could review cases and intervene in favor of better and more efficient care.  As Founder, CEO, and President of EK Health, a managed care organization in San Jose, and CEO of DataCare, a software development company in Silicon Valley, Ms. Kim leads both organizations toward premier specialty solutions for workers’ compensation.

Ms. Kim’s companies have been successful because of her patient-centered focus toward finding solutions within the complex arena that has become workers’ compensation. 

“We’ve always been convinced that taking care of the injured employee, facilitating quality care, and working closely with all parties involved results in the strongest outcomes.  For everyone here—our nurses, our doctors, our technology team at DataCare—the patients are in the forefront.”

Ms. Kim’s nursing experience helps her know when care is suffering, but her talent for administration helps her devise efficient processes, controls, and technology.  She believes in using automation to increase productivity whenever possible, and that’s how DataCare, the software company she runs, adds value to EK Health’s managed care services.

Ms. Kim started as a home health nurse and developed a specialty in medical case management.  She founded EK Health in 1998, and it is now a certified women and minority owned company and one of the top 25 women owned business in silicon valley.  She added services as she identified the needs of her customers.  Clients include self-insured employers, insured employers, insurance companies, third-party administrators, and public entities—the diverse parties who have the same interest in workers’ compensation cases—to get injured workers back to work quickly and efficiently.  To this end, EK Health offers the following services:

  • Medical Case Management
  • Utilization & Peer Review
  • Medical Bill Management
  • Medicare Set Aside Services
  • Network strategies
  • Medical Provider Networks
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Interpretation/Translation Services.

In practice, the management of workers’ compensation is complex and requires a great deal of knowledge, diligence, and commitment.  Patients, employers, providers, and insurers can all suffer if procedures are neglected.  Also, since regulations change frequently, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest provisions and incorporate them smoothly into business processes.  In short, workers’ compensation is a lot of hard work for people with special skills who must work together to navigate the complexities.

Ms. Kim is well suited to the task of leading an organization that tackles these challenges.  She is committed to excellence for both patients and for all the other stakeholders, while keeping the total picture of each case in view.  It’s a daunting mission, but she has a clear vision of how to accomplish it.

“EK Health Services must set the gold standard for providing the best people, process and technology to facilitate the most appropriate, highest quality, and cost-efficient medical treatment available for medical management in workers' compensation,” says Eunhee Kim.


About EK Health

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