Illinois Approves EK Health's Preferred Provider Program Network


EK Health Services received approval by the Illinois Department of Insurance as an administrator of the Workers' Compensation Preferred Provider Program (WC PPP), which marks another milestone in their continuing commitment to provide world class managed care solutions nationwide. This authorization to conduct business as an Illinois Workers' Compensation Preferred Provider Program Administrator opens even more avenues for their valued clients to contain medical costs while ensuring the highest quality medical care for injured workers in Illinois.

EK Health’s Medical Management Practice Leader, Anita Weir, RN, MS, commented, “There can be huge value to employer AND employee from an approved PPPN; that value is Quality Care from day one.” PPPN providers in the EK Health network are selected and individually credentialed based on workers’ compensation experience and relevant expertise in their respective fields. Website listings are updated monthly to ensure employees have constant and easy access to the highest quality physicians.

Network communication with the physicians is frequent and specific to employer programs such as return to work, utilization review and pharmacy management. Because PPPN physicians understand employers’ business demands and employee dynamics, medical treatment results in fewer barriers and less litigation. Physicians benefit from fair and quick payment. They understand the utilization review process and communication flow with the claims staff, which optimizes efficiency and overall quality.


About EK Health Services, Inc.
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