Unearthing Hidden Gems in a Monopolized Market






Let’s face it, workers’ compensation is arguably a monopolized market, and finding hidden gems that suit your program’s needs can often feel like sifting through endless gravel. This is where EK Health can step in, identifying those rare diamonds of opportunity that others might overlook. As Andrea Kitchen, our Director of Marketing, aptly puts it, "We're not just in the business; we're transforming it.  We are finding balance between advocacy and outcomes in a way that is bold, memorable, and, dare I say it - fun. We approach the often “womp womp” world of workers’ compensation with a unique passion and fervor to make managed care better - because when managed care gets better, people get better."


Charting Our Course: Authenticity and Vision

The journey begins with a deep dive into self-discovery. Knowing exactly who you are—and who you aren’t—is crucial. "At EK Health, compassionate care, better outcomes, and simplified processes form the core of our identity," says Kitchen. “We proudly embrace our distinctive voice, one that is bold, personable, and unmistakably ours. You might see us in baseball jerseys or overhear us laughing loudly at conferences because that’s innately who we are. We say we’re the “fun ones” and we mean it.  We celebrate our uniqueness and make sure our message is heard loud and clear.  We understand it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that the right people will embrace our authenticity.”


X Marks the Spot: Identifying the Ideal Audience

In a crowded market understanding who matches with you is as important as knowing who doesn’t. "We continuously refine our target audience, not just focusing on the usual specifics like company size, location, job titles, industry, and years in operation," Kitchen notes. “We go deeper. We learn more. We set goals - together. It's not as much about who fits, it’s about who fits like a glove. This meticulous approach ensures we pinpoint our ideal partners, those who resonate with our values and vision. We are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and that suits us well.”  


Using the Right Tools: Addressing Real Needs

Dig deep into the needs and desires of your audience. "Instead of just talking about what we do, we focus on understanding what matters to the people we serve. What challenges do they face? How can we add value to their daily operations?" says Kitchen. “Our goal is not just to sell but to solve. By addressing their core issues, we ensure our message hits home.”


Precision in Digging: Making Every Effort Count

"Reaching the right people at the right time, without wasting resources is our goal," Kitchen shares. “We engage our audience where they are, ensuring our marketing efforts are both relational and impactful. Our deep understanding of their needs ensures our campaigns are laser-focused and effective.” 


Staying True to Our Focus: Intentionality in Action

In the ever-evolving, often noisy marketing landscape, intentionality is paramount. "Differentiate yourself by asking tough questions…Is this where we should spend our time? Are we truly different? What message are we conveying? Where do our customers spend their time, and how can we meet them there?" advises Kitchen. “ Just because you can do it all, doesn’t mean you should. Like polished gems, our brand and voice are precious commodities; we protect them by partnering with the right people and focusing our efforts where they matter most.”  


Finding Gold: Celebrating Mutual Wins

We harness the power of referral marketing, partnering with those who amplify our brand. "Satisfied clients referring us to their networks is invaluable," says Kitchen. “The term influencers has a cliche-rap in culture nowadays, but we do rely on the oldest marketing tool to best share our message - genuine word-of-mouth. High-quality leads generated from true satisfaction and trust are our greatest asset.” At EK Health, we understand that navigating this market requires boldness and a willingness to take risks. By staying true to who we are and focusing on those who align with our vision, we will ensure our voice resonates throughout the industry. As Kitchen sums it up, "We're in the business of forging meaningful connections and delivering on promises. With our boisterous spirit and unwavering determination, we’re ready to dig deep and find the hidden gems awaiting under the surface for you and your program. Your employees deserve better - and we can help you find what you seek.”



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