Celebrating National Nurse Week

Across the country, there are millions of nurses united by a deep desire to care for others in their greatest times of need. They are the compassionate faces and the healing hands that work tirelessly to ensure that each patient receives safe, quality care. They are leaders, they are communicators and professionals, they are a patient's confidant and their advocate.
Nurses are at the core of our identity and success at EK Health. They are found throughout our organization, providing expertise in liability, disability and leave, workers' compensation, Medicare compliance and care management. Nurses have taken on various roles over the years, not just as caregivers, but also as case managers who work to educate patients and help them focus on how to fully recover. They are experts in applying the medical evidence standards that we know will lead to the highest quality outcomes for the injured workers and clients we serve.
As we celebrate National Nurses Week (May 6 - 12) and honor our outstanding nurses, we sat down with some of our nurses to truly understand what drives them, some of the key challenges and rewards of their job, and also the importance of nursing at EK Health and the workers' compensation industry as a whole.

What does being a nurse mean to you?
"Nursing is one of the most trusted professions there is. Being a nurse is not a job and for me it is not something I just researched and chose as my profession. I believe I was born just knowing that was what I was supposed to do with my life. My personality is that of caring and being compassionate for others in all aspects. It means the world to me knowing that I have the ability to help someone even in the smallest way."
"Being a nurse has always meant helping others feel better.  I became a nurse 20 years ago to ensure that I would be able to assist others and that still holds true, whether I was in a hospital, at an insurance company, at an employer or a medical management company."
"It means always doing the right thing, to show compassion to others and to help others whether it is our patients, clients or co-workers."

What are some of the challenges involved with being a nurse?
"The challenges are always associated with the ever changing world of medicine. Medications, updated treatment plans, the research & discovery of new disease process. How does one stay on top of this challenging and ever changing world of medicine?"
"Being told by physicians throughout my career that I shouldn't try and practice medicine from my chair especially in workers' compensation where some physicians are not holding true to their oath of doing no harm to their patients."
"When I was a young nurse, it was being emotionally exhausted when you had to go home to your small children and you had nothing left to give."

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
"It is very rewarding when you have the ability to use your clinical knowledge to facilitate a treatment plan prescribed by a physician helping the patient make improvements along the way. It is very fulfilling to see the progress and healing process of any patient. Not only are you supporting the patient but you are supporting the physician as well."
"The most rewarding aspect of being a nurse has been my capability to work in many different arenas from being a nurse on the floor of a hospital, to being a professor of nursing, to being a nurse case manager in workers' compensation and now as a director of clinical programs in a medical management company."
"The biggest reward is knowing you are a positive contributor in someone's life and your occupation is one that denotes trust, integrity, compassion and love."

How does EK Health approach nursing and its importance in the workers' compensation process?
"At EK Health we live and breathe our Vision, Mission and Values which focuses on "restoring the quality of life"! As nurses we are patient advocates first. We work with the injured workers to ensure they have a clear understanding of the injury itself, treatment plan and what level of commitment we expect from them in order to move them along the clinical continuum. The nurses at EK Health work with both the claims department and the injured worker to return them to a pre-injury way of life as quickly as possible while keeping them safe at work.
EK Health has always been dedicated to providing the nurses with the needed resources and education needed to be stellar case managers. This allows us to improve our clinical knowledge and stay on top of the changing workers' compensation environment."
"The biggest asset, in my opinion, is a female predominant occupation being led by a strong, intelligent female. To be able to work under someone that has shared the same life experiences and know they have utmost respect and regard for you and you for them. EK Health approaches nursing and nurses with dignity, respect and understanding of the needs of maneuvering injured workers through the work comp process ."

There are countless stories of nurses going above and beyond their job descriptions to help patients and families that they serve. Nurses do this out of compassion and dedication, without seeking praise or reward. It is during this week that we step back andapplaud them
for all that they do. 
Take a moment this week to reflect on the importance of nurses in your life. Recognize the valuable role nurses have in society and help us celebrate National Nurses Week by saying Thank you!


Nurse Case Management at EK Health 
Our History 
Our founder, Eunhee Kim, started EK Health in her living room in 1998. Now two decades on EK Health is one of the leaders in workers' compensation managed care.
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Commitment to Quality 
In 2014, we attained URAC accreditation for Case Management services. For our most recent URAC audit completed in 2017, both the UR and CM teams achieved a  perfect score of 100%!!
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National Coverage  
As we have grown to partner with clients on a national level, so has our need for more nurses. As of April 2018, there are a total of 114 EK Health nurses located throughout 37 states.
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Complete Suite of Services
Along with the traditional Field and Telephonic Case Management services, EK Health also provides an extensive suite of specialized services to meet the needs of any case.
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