Education - Sharing Knowledge to Achieve More

Eunhee Kim RN MSN
CEO, EK Health Services, Inc.

Our Workers compensation industry is seeing experienced well-seasoned nurses and claims adjusters leaving their positions either through retirement and relocation. Sadly, there has been not a lot of sustained effort and investment in educating and encouraging the new generation workforce to our industry. In workers’ compensation where the environment is always evolving, the learning curve is never a straight line. Education and training are cornerstone principles at EK Health as a result of the changing dynamics of the workers' compensation industry whether it is because of new legislation, changes with regulations, best practices for treating chronic pain, or new approaches to cost containment.

Continuing Education (CE) Classes

For many years, we have offered – and continue to offer ? accredited Continuing Education (CE) classes to our clients in areas that impact their claims. To serve the needs of our growing client base, we at EK Health offers these classes in multiple states in the fields of Medical Management affecting claims management, such as Utilization Management, Pain Management, and Pharmaceuticals. These CE Classes are targeted to a smaller audience, offering an engaging curriculum to aid the examiners and others with their everyday claims experience.

Educational Seminars:

To reach a more broad-based audience, EK Health also hosts educational seminars with topics that cater to the interests of risk and claims managers, adjusters, as well as nurse case managers.

Our next educational seminar, titled The State of the Texas Workers’ Compensation System will be held in Dallas, Texas on July 30, and cover the topics of consumer protection, pain management, UR regulations, case law, as well as legislative updates. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be available for Adjusters, RNs and CCMs, including an Ethics component.

Speaking Engagements:

Our commitment to education also extends to sharing knowledge and expertise at event speaking engagements.

Douglas Benner, EK Health’s Chief Medical Officer, is a frequent speaker at conferences and events. In September he will be speaking at the CAJPA 2014 Fall Conference & Training Seminar on More Care Early Equals Better outcomes – The New Benchmark.

As part of EK Health’s 2014 Texas Educational Seminar, Todd Brown, Director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at EK Health, will be discussing the key legislative changes in 2014 that will impact the worker’s compensation managed care industry. Also speaking at the seminar will be Frank Hall, Director of Clinical Operations for EK Health, who will be talking about the importance of effective Pain Management.

EK University:

EK University is a continual educational opportunity for EK Health employees to ensure our nurses and other staff members stay informed on topics that impact our partners and clients.

Our investment in education produces a lasting return for all parties in the system. It provides virtual learning labs for sharing ideas, best practices, and actual case studies that promote the kind of problem solving needed to address the complexities inherent in our industry.

We are proud of these initiatives to advance learning not only for our clients and our employees, but also for the workers’ compensation community at large. We believe an educated industry helps elevate standards and processes for all of us. So, in an environment where the learning curve is not a straight line, we are confident these efforts will help benefit all who navigate the path along the way.

For a full list of EK Health’s Educational Seminars, Conferences and upcoming speaking engagements, click here