First Step Early Identification / InterventionSM Case Management program uses our predictive modeling program to ensure we to achieve optimal outcomes. Preventing claims from becoming costly legacy claims saves payers huge sums in future medical expense. Mitigating the likelihood of this financial burden is the value of EK Health's First Step Early Identification/Intervention ProgramSM

This EK Health program, targeted at reducing disability medical payment, brings payers an opportunity to reduce their exposure to legacy claims through a method of predictive modeling. The model is designed to recognize at the earliest opportunity Injured Workers with the potential for delayed recovery and Return-To-Work.

With First Step, we are able to pinpoint certain risk factors, categorize the risks and begin an applicable intervention protocol that places these Injured Workers on track for improved function sooner rather than later, averting the prospect of disability and lost time days.

The risk identification, made within 14 to 30 days of the claim, allows the nurse to identify potential physical, psychology or psycho-social issues, apply a scoring system and determine if an Injured Worker is ‘high risk’ for delayed recovery or return to work.

EK Health's First Step program service is a valuable and innovative solution for helping payers lower their exposure to high liability claims, while making sure the Injured Worker is directed to the right care at the right time for maximum medical improvement and return to a productive life.