EK Health & JWF Specialty Announce Partnership to Deliver Superior Outcomes by Enhancing Each Other’s Strengths


EK Health Services Inc. and JWF Specialty are excited to announce their strategic partnership,
combining EK Health's industry-leading managed care specialties with JWF Specialty's claims
administration and adjudication practices. 


DECEMBER 12, 2022

With many employers often considering fresh options in the Workers' Compensation Managed Care industry, unbundled partnerships are quickly rising as a preferred approach. The unique partnership between EK Health and JWF Specialty, will elevate the service offerings of both organizations, launching through a specific focus on Medical Bill Review Management & Utilization Review.

"Choice is becoming a cultural imperative for everyone, including those within the workers' compensation industry. This collaboration is an example of the choice we often speak about. Partnering a strong third-party administrator with a choice managed care partner elevates the power of choice for employers. The checks and balances, focus on core competencies, and inherent accountability will elevate outcomes," explained Zebrah L. Jahnke, EK Health's VP of Business Development.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of workers' compensation and medical bill management, EK Health recently made the determination to own the narrative and control the process. This resulted in EK Health building its own innovative bill review technology, Billtelligent™. While EK Health has migrated all current clients into the technology, this will be the first partnership launch to occur following their public announcement. Coupling this unique offering alongside JWF Specialty's management tools, the two organizations can provide significant advances in flexibility and customized workflow arrangements.

"The EK Health-JWF partnership brings together new strategic use of technology, develops innovative partnership ideation, and organizational change management in the managed care-TPA space to help support clients more nimbly. Coupling our proprietary solutions together will only benefit those we serve - ultimately improving the bottom line." Ron Kifer, Chief Claims Office at JWF Speciality stated.

Together, EK Health & JWF Specialty look forward to broadening their array of work comp services and resources, expanding specialty offerings, and delivering greater outcomes that address the specific needs of clients with efficiency and excellence.






About EK Health

EK Health Services Inc. is a leading national workers' compensation managed care organization. EK Health restores quality of life for injured workers through innovative, cost-effective solutions, while providing client services with high-touch experiences, customizable solutions, lower costs, and proven results. Their holistic approach integrates the best people, processes, and technology to facilitate the best medical treatment available for return-to-work possibilities.