EK Health Services Inc. leads the managed care industry as an innovator dedicated to integrity, transparency, and customer-focused solutions. Taking client experiences to the next level, EK Health developed Billtelligent™, a unique, cloud-based bill review technology that defies the norm.  Billtelligent™ is a variation from legacy systems that is easy-to-use and highly configurable, reduces bill processing times, and supports limitless customization.


Billtelligent™ - A bill review technology built today, designed for tomorrow:

  • Stands alone in design, functionality, and customization
  • Was built from the ground up by EK Health, giving complete independence and ownership
  • Is a modern bill review technology designed to evolve
  • Removes barriers through automation & limitless creative workflows
  • Replaces complexity with simplicity
  • Supports EK Health client programs with reduced turnaround times
  • Ensures quality results through efficient execution


  • Intelligent trigger-based routing for near real-time bill processing as the rule, batch processing as the exception
  • Real time access; real time status; real time fixes - all before a bill is finalized
  • Sophisticated pended-bills load balancing to optimize workforce productivity
  • User-friendly, customizable client portal allows external users access to view bills for approval/denials within the bill’s life-cycle
  • Highly configurable and flexible system requiring minimal code changes to introduce new features, adapt to future requirements and onboard new clients
  • Create limitless unique bill routing workflows, automate agreements, and manage client-specific network structures


A process long driven by antiquated, cumbersome, and inflexible solutions is being revolutionized with EK Health’s Billtelligent™. Through this innovative technology, EK Health is not just meeting clients where they are currently, we are taking them into the future with nimble solutions and immediate gains. For details on this enhanced bill review technology, visit