Ergonomic Evaluations & Training

Proper ergonomic design is essential to preventing workplace injuries, especially strains that can develop over time from repetitive activities that can lead to long-term disability.

Services offered include: 

  • On-Site and virtual Ergonomic Training Classes tailored to your workplace
  • On-Site and virtual preventive assessments to proactively ensure the safety of your work force
  • Post-Injury assessments to ensure a safe Return-To-Work
  • Objective third-party Job Analysis and assessment




Following a hands-on assessment by an EK Health ergonomist, a thorough report is provided with specific recommendations to reduce the risk of ergonomic injuries.




"I really appreciate the service we received. I felt that all of our employees were also satisfied. It was a very private and convenient process during all of the evaluations. I definitely look forward to working with our specialist in the future! Thank you for following up with us!"

-Facilities Coordinator, a Computer Software Company

"Thanks for getting this ergonomics instructor… Outstanding, excellent instructor, very very knowledgeable, very good class, entertaining class out of a very boring subject, thanks for bringing her in."

-Workers' Compensation and Ergonomics Program Administrator, a Water District

"The EK Health ergonomics training class provided an informative overview of ergonomics to our employees. Suggestions and ideas were implemented immediately, resulting in increased comfort for our employees. The individual evaluations were thorough, detailed, and extremely helpful. We will continue to utilize EK Health's services for our ongoing ergonomic needs."

-Facilities Coordinator, a Software Encryption Company

"I'd like to say how much we appreciate the services provided by EK Health Services, Inc. EK Health has been providing us with superior on-site services for over 5 years. These services include all aspects of an Ergonomics Program and Workers' Compensation oversight. EK Health staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Our primary EK onsite consultant interacts effectively with all levels of the organization and our Workers' Compensation Insurance representatives. She implements the Ergonomics Program that targets new employees by providing them with an ergonomic evaluation and work station set-up within 2 weeks of hire. She builds positive working relationships that help identify workers' ergonomic issues before they become an injury. She also works closely with Human Resources and our insurance carriers to ensure our employees get timely and appropriate medical care. By doing this not only has she been instrumental in saving us $100,000s in Workers' Compensation cost, but she has contributed to the healthfulness and happiness of our workforce. Thank you EK Health Services for providing us such a wonderful service and professional consultant."

-Facilities and EH&S Director, San Francisco Bay Area Biotech Company

“I have been very pleased with the ergonomic evaluations done by EK Health professionals. They are timely, to the point and have helped employees better understand their risks. The face to face evaluation, immediately gives the employee information to make changes in their work environment. The actual written report reminds the employee of what was discussed previously and recommendations needed for them to follow up on.”

-EHS Manager, a Biotech Company

"Thanks for the quick follow-up and for all your hard work yesterday! I was very impressed by you and your work, and I have heard nothing but good things about you from those whose workstations you assessed! Thanks again for all you did!"

-Operations Manager, a Local University

"Thanks for the great presentation on keyboard shortcuts! The Jeopardy Game was fun and got the audience members interested and interacting with you and each other. Not only was it educational but it was a great icebreaker for the networking that followed. I'm also pleased to have learned a few shortcuts I didn't know."

-Physical Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist, Certified Associate Ergonomist from a Local Ergonomics Company

“EK Health’s ergonomic team member was very helpful in setting up my computer and desk properly to minimize discomfort resulting from heavy computer usage. She was compassionate and consistently visited my office to make sure I had all the equipment that I needed. She has a deep conviction about making the workplace a safe environment and has a pleasant disposition.”

-Scientist, a Bay Area Biotech Company

“EK Health’s ergonomic team member worked with me on a couple of occasions, at previous companies, to help me manage my repetitive stress symptoms. She is very knowledgeable about ergonomics. She taught me posture and stretching techniques to minimize symptoms and prevent injuries, which continue to be helpful in and away from the workplace. She is professional, personable and pleasant to work with. She would be an asset to anyone requiring occupational health advice.”

-Senior Assay Development Associate, a Bay Area Biotech Company

“At our company, we all worked very closely with EK Health’s ergonomic team member. She would talk to all of us on a regular basis to make sure we were ergonomically healthy. I don’t think anyone who worked at our company wouldn’t know her. She is so passionate about her mission and does everything she could to make the workplace healthier and better. When any of us had issues, she would go out of the way to fix that and then follow up with us to confirm that the changes she made relieved the stress. Until it was done, she wouldn’t rest. She would always stress about staying healthy and tell us how a small change in the workplace would make a huge difference. She would always talk to us and want us to contact her immediately if we came across any issues and we always did that. That made our lives so much better at our company. She is so committed to what she does and will be an asset to any institution.”

-Research Scientist, a Bay Area Biotech Company

“EK Health’s ergonomic team member worked as a contract office and lab ergonomics/safety consultant for several years at our company. Her upbeat and well-informed attitude and style helped make the whole business of configuring an office much more interesting than it otherwise might have been. She always followed up with equipment or ideas to help solve an issue and her wealth of knowledge and experience meant that her ideas were almost always the right solution. I give her my highest recommendation.”

-Community Relations Coordinator, a Bay Area Biotech Company

“EK Health’s ergonomic team member has an excellent grasp of ergonomics. She is helpful for both big and little issues to resolve ergonomic difficulties. She is personable and easy to work with. She is knowledgeable about alternatives to help resolve ergonomic issues.”

-Director of Biopharmacology, a Bay Area Biotech Company

“EK Health’s ergonomic team member is a very personable & effective OHN/Ergonomics consultant who was very supportive & helpful when I needed her ergonomic expertise. She always followed through in providing ergonomic suggestions to prevent further injury to my back in the work environment. She was especially diligent in working with my difficult medical insurance problems to get fair compensation for my chronic work injury. I highly recommend her as an OHN/Ergonomic consultant for her integrity, efficiency, and passion for her work.”

-Executive Assistant, a Bay Area Biotech Company

“EK Health’s ergonomic team member worked closely with all of the staff at our company to insure that we remained ergonomically healthy. We could always go directly to her and she would help us modify our workspace and/or our work habits to minimize repetitive stress injuries. She always followed up with us to make sure that the modifications were relieving the stress. Besides her conscientious and thorough approach to her job, she was always a friendly and helpful presence. She would be a positive addition to any work group.”

-Sr. Director, a Bay Area Biotech Company

"EK Health's ergonomic consultant was great! The reports came in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend you to try EK Health's ergonomic services."

-Workers' Compensation Claims Adjuster, a National Insurance Company

"I utilize EK Health for Nurse Case Management and Ergonomic Services and their nurses and ergonomic consultants are responsive and great to work with! I cannot ask for more. They go above and beyond what my expectations are. EK Health is the company that comes to my mind first when I need a nurse case manager or ergonomic consultant."

-Risk Manager, a Fortune 500 Company

"EK Health's ergonomic intake coordinator is always wonderful, efficient, and reliable. I have such a comfort level with her that when I leave her a message, I know it will get taken care of. She always follows through. Also, EK Health has great ergonomic services: consults are scheduled promptly, the ergonomic consultant I have worked with does an excellent job and the reports I receive are thorough and timely."

-Associate Health and Ergonomics, a Bay Area Hospital

"I had the privilege to be EK Health's Ergonomic Consultant's manager for sometime while at EK Health Services. The Ergonomic Consultant had "semi-retired" from managing the ergonomic services group and I took that over in 2009. The Ergonomic Consultant was and is a tremendous asset to that group because of the Ergonomic Consultant's depth of knowledge and abundant experience in occupational health and safety/ergonomics. The Ergonomic Consultant helped me tremendously as a sounding board and an expert service provider. I enjoyed working with the Ergonomic Consultant and recommend the Ergonomic Consultant highly as a provider of ergonomic safety services. The Ergonomic Consultant is great!"

-Ergonomist, a Local University

"We were truly pleased with all aspects of your service."

-Sr. HR Generalist, a Bay Area Healthcare Company

"Evaluations were great! Very informative for the employee and detailed."

-Controller, a Private and Non-Profit Health Center