With EK Health’s full suite of services, you can EXPERIENCE BETTER MANAGED CARE. 




No two EK Health programs are the same. This is by design. We are intentional about providing services specifically tailored to your unique needs.

With all our service lines under one roof, EK Health maintains complete independence, allowing us to serve you with nimbleness and without bias. 

From claim inception to resolution, our clinical resources are available to optimize recovery and return to work, leveraging substantial clinical expertise and experience.

We never rest. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our services and technology to serve you, your injured workers, adjusters, and providers better.








EK Health Services sets the gold standard for providing the best people, process and technology to facilitate the most appropriate, highest quality and cost-effective treatment options available for medical management in workers’ compensation.

EK Health's Strategic 360° Approach™:

  • Consider things from all perspectives before acting
  • Use technology to its fullest advantage
  • Embed clinical excellence in every service area
  • Operate with integrity and excellence at every turn
  • Build programs tailored to clients' specific needs
  • Generate results

EK Health has built a reputation for offering superior services to Workers’ Compensation clients through its team of tenured physicians, nurses, and executives with training and significant experience in workers’ compensation management.

Our Services

Medical Case Management: URAC Workers' Compensation Case Management Accredited. Comprehensive suite of services including Field, Telephonic, Catastrophic, Chronic Pain, and Task Based Case Management services. Read More

Utilization & Peer Review: URAC Workers’ Compensation Utilization Management Accredited. Timely, detailed and defensible reviews, with over 1,000,000 reviews completed to date. Extensive panel of peer review physicians, covering a full spectrum of specialties and qualifications. Read More

Medical Bill Management: An innovative national Medical Bill Management program that generates an additional 8% to 20% savings over traditional bill review. Our advanced technology enables full automation and integration between Bill Review and Utilization Review. Read More

Medicare Set Aside Services: A comprehensive suite of products designed to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Act. Each service is tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. With our strong track record of cost containment, we are able to quickly identify problematic cost drivers and address them quickly and efficiently for the most effective MSA Services. Read More

Provider Networks: A customized Network Strategy partnering tools and innovation.  EK Health is transforming traditional methods to outcome-based solutions with provider, ancillary and broad-based PPO network strategies. Read More

Additional Services 





We invite you to explore our services in depth to discover how EK Health can help transform your managed care program. Call 877.861.1595 today.