Celebrating Real-Life Superheroes



They are the ones offering regular solace and relief to patients, providing the best quality care and boosting spirits - the backbone of the healthcare sector - nurses. At its most fundamental level, workers’ compensation managed care is authentically centered around people helping people through an extremely challenging time. Nurses remain the driving force behind these empathetic and progressive efforts.  

Inspired by the constant pursuit of excellent patient care,  EK Health’s Founder and CEO, Eunhee Kim, began her career as a Field Nurse Case Manager. On a mission to transform managed care with the injured worker at the core, Eunhee launched the entire company off of this one ideal - taking care of others well. While still maintaining a robust field nurse caseload to-date, Eunhee describes her experience:

“At the core, I am in the business of taking care of other human beings whose lives were turned upside down because of an injury, and taking care of claims administrators by helping deliver efficient, quality care without unnecessary cost. Being in the trenches, I get to see very closely where the problems are – much better than I could if I were exclusively a business woman. I get to come up with solutions, and that is how EK Health is different.” 


With a staunch willingness to get in the trenches, while operating from a firm position of patient advocacy, our nurse case managers focus on both the clinical aspects of the claim, as well as the total wellbeing of the patient. They are compassionate and driven towards quality care through the pursuit of continued education, and their holistic approach encompasses the physical and mental impact of the recovery process.

“When you break the circular nature of emotional reactions, listen very carefully, ask a lot of follow-up questions, and peel back the layers, you can get to the root of the issue and resolve it,”
Eunhee stated.

Through this leadership mindset, EK Health nurses are truly paving the way to change the landscape of managed care. EK Health’s nurses are experts at keeping their finger on the pulse of a claim, the patient, the provider and the employer. They manage several aspects of each claim and bring a wealth of clinical knowledge, compassion, and comprehensive understanding of the diagnoses and recovery factors. 

As we kick off nurses’ week, let’s celebrate our team’s unwavering compassion and fervent commitment to the humanization of claims. This is what sets our nursing team apart - and sets the standard for managed care industry-wide. Join us in honoring their dedication towards continued quality of care for all.